Technische Übersetzungen - Technical Translations

Translation Memory Tools

In today's industry environment, technical translations without the use of translation memory tools can no longer be produced in a cost-efficient, economically reasonable and consistent manner. TM tools have become the working environment for technical translators today allowing us to access up to date, well maintained terminology and content databases.


The translation memory program compares current source content constantly during translation against existing content in the translation memory. It helps the translator in achieving a higher degree of consistency when translating large manuals or databases, even across several hundreds of files. However, the degree of consistency and, thus, reusability of content also depends highly on the systematic and consistent authoring of the source text, including its earlier versions. 


Core terminology in a translation is compared by the translation memory system with terminology databases we create and constantly maintain. Thus, we can be sure to always use your preferred terminology in your documentation.  


We have worked with TM tools since 1999 and now use one of the most commonly used programs, SDL Trados Studio*, almost exclusively. With this tool, we are able to process practically all common file formats, such as Microsoft Office® programs, Adobe® FrameMaker® and InDesign® as well as any .XML and .HTML files.


Using the universal bilingual exchange format XLIFF, we can also handle translations destined to be finalised in other TM tools.


We also assist our direct clients, agencies and colleagues, regarding the use and potential of SDL Trados Studio*, solving Studio related issues and carry out hands-on training for individuals or small groups.


Apart from SDL Trados Studio and its predecessor programs, we also use MemoQ*, DéjàVu* or Across*. With these additional tools and their project specific combination, we are able to process other formats such as CAD drawings to translate them in a translator friendly environment and then return the translated content into its original CAD format.  




*Adobe, FrameMaker and InDesign are trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries. SDL Trados Studio and MultiTerm are trademarks of SDL plc. Microsoft Office is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation. MemoQ, DéjàVu and Across are trademarks of their respective owners. All other product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.