Technische Übersetzungen - Technical Translations

Translation Using Ruled Based Writing 

Today, technical documentation is often created using “rule based writing”. Several of the criteria also apply to the actual translation process, i.e.:

  • consistent texts
  • comprehensible texts
  • verifiable texts

If possible, when translating operating manuals into German, we base our translation on the “Leitlinie regelbasiertes Schreiben” (Guideline for rule based writing) by the German association for technical communication tekom. When translating into English, we try, for instance, to follow the rules for “Simplified Technical English” (ASD-STE100)* or The Global English Style Guide by John R. Kohl to the extend possible. Both guidelines should, of course, be adapted to the specific requirements of the client and of the subject matter.



*Simplified Technical English, ASD-STE100, is a Copyright and a Trademark of ASD (the Aerospace and Defence Industries Association of Europe), Brussels, Belgium.