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Translation of Operating Manuals for Machinery  

Operating manuals for machinery are carefully created documents authored by a technical documentation department. These manuals must describe hazards and contain safety information according to a machinery specific standard. Also many of today's machines use PLCs and other components manufactured by external suppliers.


The translation of such third party content must reflect the supplying manufacturer’s instructions regarding terminology and instruction logic; otherwise, the operator will notice discrepancies between the machinery manual and the additional manuals of the supplier(s). We take great care to avoid such discrepancies! Hence, we translate operating manuals according to the intent of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC as well as the standard on the preparation of instructions for use EN 82079-1


This includes:


  • Clear and easily understandable description of critical safety related situations
  • Clear description of risks, hazards and dangers
  • Clear and unambiguous instructions

Most operating manuals written today comply with specifications as outlined in tech-writers guidelines published by various associations.
If requested, we can post-edit translated operating manuals based on this set of rules to an extend to be specified.
We are also able to use controlled language such as Simplified Technical English
, ASD-STE100*, in our translations.



Signal words:

Signal words on machinery and in operating manuals are used almost uniformly worldwide.
In most cases, the ISO 3864.2 and ANSI Z535.4-2007 Annex D standards are used. The following signal words are used for German, English and French in descending order of importance:













Additional levels of distinction are named differently in various countries.

ANSI suggests the use of “NOTICE” / “HINWEIS” for the next level, for instance.




*Adobe, FrameMaker and InDesign are trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries. Simplified Technical English, ASD-STE100, is a Copyright and a Trademark of ASD (the Aerospace and Defence Industries Association of Europe), Brussels, Belgium.