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Curriculum Vitae, Owner

Susanne Rieg


Susanne Rieg 

(University master's degree in translations)

Born in Freudenstadt/Germany
University-entrance diploma (Abitur): Trifels Gymnasium, Annweiler

Course of Study:

Degree: Translator (Diplom-Übersetzerin)

Professional translator

  • Since 1993, for technical communication and documentation.

Professional instructor

  • Since March 2014, for technical, business and legal English as well as intercultural communication and terminology management at the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Business and Law at Hochschule Aschaffenburg university of appied sciences in Bavaria.
  • Since November 2015, for German as second language for adults at the Bekleidungsfachschule Aschaffenburg in Bavaria.
  • Since April 2016, for German as second language for adults in industry.
  • Since 2016 instructor for SDL Studio.

2014 through 2018 member of the editorial team of the VDI magazin Technik & Mensch covering the region Frankfurt-Darmstadt.

Membership: BDÜ  (German Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators)

Recent Advanced Training:

2016: Contrastive grammar aspects of translation English-German, Frankfurt
2015: tekom Spring Conference, Darmstadt
2015: Seminar: "Drafting Contracts", Aschaffenburg
2012: 2nd International Conference "Interpreting the Future", Berlin
2011: Seminar: "Translation of Certificates", Frankfurt
2009: 1st International Conference "Interpreting the Future", Berlin
2008: tekom Annual Conference, Wiesbaden
2006: Seminar: "The new German orthography", Darmstadt

Portrait Photos: Foto Hanno, Seeheim-Jugenheim/Germany